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Information Overload

Well, we know that this conglomerate which we call the main stream media is now totally controlled and is a virtual lapdog for the political process of the Democratic party. But, until the mid to late 90’s we didn’t have any efficient way around it. We were stuck with very few alternatives and they weren’t that easy to find.

Bob Rinear | April 23, 2014

Many years ago, 80% of the population got its news from the local newspaper and TV. Another 10% got their information from periodicals and magazines, and for the most part, what people “got” they believed. They didn’t have too many reasons to doubt what was being presented because reporters were indeed doing their jobs, doing deep involved investigations and reporting what they determined to be the truth. Investigative journalism was a respected profession.

Even as far back as 1928, there was however a movie titled “The Power of the Press” because powerful people understood that if you controlled what people “got” as news, you could help form opinions about things. The Press could help a particular candidate running for office, simply by expounding on his good qualities while only showcasing the negative aspects of his opponent. The press could help sway your opinion about whether a war was justified, they could push for certain regulations they wanted enacted, they could even push commercial products that they might have a money interest in.

By the 70’s, the press in almost all forms was being looked at as one of the most important tools the elites could use to sway the masses towards their agenda’s and the final push for overall control was in full swing. In 1983, 90% of America’s news was disseminated by 50 companies. 30 years later, they had achieved most of their goal. Coming into the 2000’s, just 8 companies controlled 90% of the major media. By mid 2012 it was down to 6. Now you should really pay attention to what this means folks.

These six companies are; Disney, GE, NewsCorp, Viacom, Time Warner and CBS. Together they own 90+ percent of everything you READ, WATCH or LISTEN to. That means, that in a nation of 350 MILLION people, the so called news you get is Controlled by just 240 Media executives. Men who may have a much bigger desire to tell you what they want you to hear, versus what is fact and reality.

Well, we know that this conglomerate which we call the main stream media is now totally controlled and is a virtual lapdog for the political process of the Democratic party. But, until the mid to late 90’s we didn’t have any efficient way around it. We were stuck with very few alternatives and they weren’t that easy to find. Real news by real reporters on real topics was not widely published, circulations were low and daily they were “ beat on” by this growing Oligarchy of elites desiring their demise. Basically it was VERY hard to get “real honest news” back then. Then something quite amazing happened. This thing called the Internet was rolled out. This was a game changer of enormous proportions.

I have no trouble stating that in my mind, the “net” is the single biggest development I have ever witnessed. For an incredibly small sum of money, I can read the greatest works in every library on earth. I can research a billion topics, I can compare prices, I can chat with people, and the full scope of its abilities are still expanding. It is truly a wonder of the world.

From the comforts of my living room, or even my bed if I desire, I can read about virtually any topic I can dream up. It is however, both stunning in its “awesomeness” and frightful in its scope. Why? Because it is so “open source”… that means any crackpot with an opinion on anything can voice that opinion and sway people’s beliefs. That my friends is dangerous.

I think that is why in the Bible it reminds us so many times about “discernment” or in other words, doing the research necessary to make a good decision about things. To just blindly follow ANYTHING or ANYONE is simply stupid. Let me give you an example of what I’m talking about.

In just ten minutes of “surfing” I have found articles declaring that underground aliens have killed 60 people in New Mexico. I have found an article that says they can prove Michelle Obama is a transsexual. I see another saying the world is being run by shape shifting reptiles. Another that says planet Nibiru is coming back to rule us. Another claims that Utah FEMA camps are being used to exterminate the homeless. Another claims that they have proof that Yellowstone will blow within a couple months, wiping out most of North America.

That’s all from one site in ten minutes folks. They run stories like this 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. According to the site’s statistics, 5, 412 people are “on that site” right now reading this stuff, and they’ve been searched 400 million times in their history. Are underground subterranean aliens killing people in New Mexico? I don’t know for sure, but I’m betting against it. Yet you know some amount of people will believe it.

As you can imagine, NOTHING brings out the so called conspiracy nuts like the things you’ll read concerning the illuminati, the elites and world domination. You could spend the rest of eternity reading endless articles about how George Bush is a shape shifting reptile from another planet, and dances in satanic rituals with other alien leaders hell bent on total global domination. Somehow I think that if George was the brightest alien they could scrounge up, we’re not in too much danger, but I digress…..

My point to all this is of course…if we want to stay away from the main stream media and it’s total domination of what we’re told, but some of the sites you might visit are so infested with people that possess oversized imaginations, how do you actually know who to listen to? It isn’t an easy thing to answer. Why? Because we’ve all been duped at times, no matter how hard we try to come to the right conclusions.

There have been things I’ve declared as fact, when upon even further investigation I’ve found to be false. I’m certainly not alone in this regard, as just about every well meaning “reporter” has written stories they thought were legit, only to find they screwed up. Naturally when I find that I’ve coughed up a hairball, I make it my duty to announce it and make it right. Unfortunately many don’t have the backbone to fess up like that.

The single best thing anyone can do when they read something I put out is to follow up on it. Hunt down supporting evidence. If I state my OPINION about something, well, then that’s just what it is… opinion. But if I said something like “without the Fed’s subsidizing the major banks they’d all be insolvent” I’m stating that as fact. You might want to dive into the garbage pails and check it out for yourself, but I warn you it gets ugly in there. They cover the nasty truths with layers of rot to discourage investigation. I however, will rarely ever state something as fact that I can’t back up without some form of documentation.

But you have to understand this…I am not in the habit of putting out sensational baloney just to stir up emotions. No, the truth is so bizarre to start with I don’t need to embellish it with wild fantasy. I’m not in the business of scaring people, or coming up with some form of science fiction masterpiece theater. I’ve always had just one goal, and that is to try and explain what “really” happens in our economy, who the players are, why they play their games and the ways we can shield ourselves or profit from what we leaned. That’s it. If I make a mistake, it is because I made a mistake, not because I believed in some wild theory I can’t prove.

When I look out across the globe and I see the games that the real power brokers, or what we call elites have up their sleeve the conclusions are really quite simple. They like power, money, energy, food and basically in that order. Now how they achieve those goals is where all the cloak and dagger- behind the curtains, “fun” comes into play. They really are ruthless, and will employ incredibly dramatic plots to make it all happen. They’ll stage false flag attacks, they’ll start wars, they’ll murder, they’ll steal, lie and perjure.

Our main goal is “clarity”. We feel that the only way you can make informed decisions is to be properly informed. That means that when you see something happening that tends to make you go “huh??” we try and get to the bottom of it, dissect it, and then present it to you so that you can indeed do something about it. We take the media agenda “spin” out of it, and focus on reality. It is only when you know the truth that you can react properly.

Yet because some of the things we talk about are NOT main stream news on the local channels, there’s times we get lumped into the conspiracy nut column and that has been a challenge for us since we started this. Because the media is controlled as to what they want you to know, you’re never going to hear how the Federal Reserve is a criminal banking cabal. You’re not going to hear of the fraud that is the COMEX and how JPM has manipulated the silver markets. You’re never going to hear of the transfer of Gold from West to East as the Chinese wean off depreciating dollars and acquire tangible assets. Yet it’s all true.

The US dollar is going to collapse. I don’t say that as an opinion, I state it as fact by simply connecting the dots involved between our debts, our obligations, our incomes, our population growth, etc. Yet to many, it sounds nuts. If you were born in the US any time in the last 60 years, you’ve lived like a virtual king. Everything went your way. “They” figured it all out and granted you a job, healthcare, good medicine, good food, cheap energy, great housing and all the things that made “Leave it to Beaver” the envy of the world. So, hearing that all those wonderful things that were the back bone of America is pretty much in its last days, we sound like the kooks that sat on mountains awaiting the end of the world because some Preacher said it was happening. I understand that, I really do. It sounds too “Nuts” for the great US of A to be on the edge of economic collapse. But it is indeed happening. It sounded nuts to the Roman people, the Spanish people, the French people, the British people, and on and on as their own countries through history fell apart.

No she won’t go down easy. She’s a big gal with a lot of military. She’s the worlds banker and wields a lot of power. She’s been the most successful lifestyle economy the world ever saw. But she’s not immune to the diseases of the past, the greeds, the over expansions, the crony Governments, the over reaching. And she will pay the price.

If you’ve noticed a common theme from us in the past 12 – 14 years or so, the common element has been on “tangibles”. We don’t tell people that owning gold and silver is important because we’re metals dealers, we’re not. In fact we have to buy it like everyone else does. We don’t tell people it is wise to own good real estate because we’re real estate agents. We’re not. We express these things because once you cut through the media baloney, it becomes clear that EVERY nation that has ever been goes through a currency crisis. The things that treat you well during one of them is indeed the precious metals, good real estate, and tangible assets like food, weapons, etc. Thus it is no secret we “like” these things.

We like to “use” the stock market, to amass currency, and then take that currency and turn it into tangible assets. We’ve been asked many times over the years, why not just hold stocks or all cash all the time? The answer is simple. Stocks crash, and currency inflates away to zero. I can come up with over 500 stocks that don’t exist any more. But, There’s never been a time in history when gold was worth “zero”. Yet I can point to 47 currencies that made it there. Silver has never gone to zero. Real estate has never gone to zero. A good weapon has never been worth “nothing”. Likewise ammo, food, farm land, etc. So the “game” so to speak is using business and markets to amass enough currency to take some of it and buy assets that don’t go away.

Your job as a reader of any publication is to try and discern whether what the author is telling you makes sense, is somewhat verifiable, and can profit you from knowing it. If so, you should learn from it and try and improve yourself based upon it. If not, then it is nothing more than entertainment at best, and an agenda based propaganda at worst. Discernment is important folks.

But let me leave you with this, because it is important to note. I’ve been doing this for almost 20 years, and I think I’m fairly good at telling baloney from something I should pay attention to. But with the rapid expansion of technology there’s many areas where it is very hard to tell fiction from fact. Take the HAARP programs for example. Can they really cause earthquakes? How successful have they been with engineering weather? Or the Chemtrails we hear of so often. Are they nothing but good conspiracy talk? If so, why did I watch a lady speak at the UN about it only to recant her story later? Was Fukashima a planned attack as some suggest, or was it really all just the result of the earthquake/tsunami? What about the Malaysian Airliner? Was it really hijacked as some say because someone wanted the technology some of the passengers possessed, or, did the pilot who was just days before at a political trial for someone he wanted released and decided to make a statement by plunging the aircraft in the water after his demands were not met??

Sometimes when you decide to look into these types of things it opens a rabbit hole you can go down for what seems like ever. In other words, I don’t know everything and don’t claim to. In fact there are probably things “out there” that I’m dismissing as ranting, that ultimately ends up proven to be true. I pray for more discernment. You should too. Just understand that anything we put on our pages we consider to be true because we can usually back it up with some form of documentation. If we get something wrong, it was nothing more than a mistake, not an intentional misdirection.