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Gestapo Tactics Against The ACLU

Gestapo tactics against the ACLU... You're Saudi? You want a Visa to enter the US? No problem ! ...the Lancet report condems medical participation at Abu Graib...Americans invading Canada...The real terrorism, bullying in NYC schools .... Further proof of a Real Estate bubble ....wiretapping VOIP, snooping your RFID ...poverty is up ...Spies in the Pentagon.... and much more!.....

Bob Chapman | August 28, 2004

The Justice Department is using secret evidence in its ongoing legal battles over secrecy with the ACLU, submitting material to two federal judges that cannot be seen by the public or even the plaintiffs. The government is censoring more than a dozen seemingly innocuous pages from court filings on national security grounds, only to be overruled by the judge. Among the phrases originally redacted by the government was a quotation from a 1972 Supreme Court ruling: