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Financial Weapons of Mass Destruction

What bagging the bear is going to mean, super absorbent paper sucks up losses, toxic waste, merger threats for all non insiders, a bill for the taxpayers. 

Bob Chapman | April 12, 2008

The bagging of the Bear, Bear Stearns that is, by the Illuminati, was a watershed event.  Not only has this event confirmed many of our predictions and interpretations concerning recent financial events, it has shed light on what the self-proclaimed Lords of the Universe have planned for their serfs in the near future, as well as for non-insider financial institutions.

First, we have all the major players, including the Fed, the Treasury and the SEC, as well as some of Wall Street's biggest players such as JP Morgan Chase and Bear Stearns itself, along with several large hedge funds, admitting to some terrifying truths about many ongoing debacles, including the real estate disaster, the subprime crisis, the credit-crunch, bank, broker and primary dealer insolvencies, hyperinflationary bailouts and the looming derivatives nightmare to mention but a few.  Remember that these are the players closest to the action and are in the best position to know the truth about what is really happening behind the scenes.  Essentially, they have admitted that the real estate, subprime and credit-crunch catastrophes are getting worse instead of getting better.

 Otherwise, financially engineered asset-backed securities would be on the verge of steadying or going up in value and the balance sheet crisis would be starting to improve or would at least be starting to stabilize, and if that were the case, then a run on the Bear's assets could not have been justified and a bailout would not have been necessary.  This means that they know the ARM resets, declining homeowner equity, massive real estate inventories, accelerating loan defaults and our recessionary economy are taking derivatives down into a bottomless pit as we have been suggesting for some time now.

Further, they have admitted that the whole financial system is in jeopardy, and even more terrifying, they have admitted that the major players are now so intertwined that a single player can take down the whole system, citing counterparty derivative risk in the trillions of dollars that Bear had in common mainly with JP Morgan Chase as one of the principal fears necessitating the so-called bailout.  Yet another admission is that banks, investment banks and brokerage houses are insolvent and unable to absorb any more losses, otherwise JP Morgan would not have needed a 29 billion non-recourse loan and there would be no need to fear a systemic breakdown.  Then we also find out that the Illuminists plan to put all the burden of loss suffered by financial institutions that were caught and destroyed by their own greed, fraud, speculation and profligacy onto the US taxpayer.  In the current case, the Fed, by making a non-recourse loan secured by toxic waste that will result in a mega-loss when the collateral is finally liquidated, will shift the burden to the taxpayer later either by borrowing more money from foreigners and increasing our national debt and debasing the dollar further, or by monetizing treasuries, which is immediately inflationary.  Either way, we get screwed. The bagging of the Bear has established the modus operandi for future bailouts, which we will all get to eat unless we get our dander up and put a stop to this thievery.  Then these miscreants tell us that hopefully this will be the only bailout that is needed.  What a bunch of fecal tripe this is as nonstop, subprime, stealth bailouts continue through the FHA, FHLB, Freddie and Fannie.  As we have said before, America is about to become the land of the frail, and the home of the bail.  Many "Bears" will be bagged before this is over, and each time that an elitist insider is bailed out or acts as the so-called "White Knight" for a failed financial institution, we suggest that each of you bend over and prepare to get reamed.

The "strip and rape" of Bear Stearns, a non-insider thorn-in-the-side to the elitists that refused to participate in moral hazard to bail out LTCM and that made most of the other Wall Street firms look bad with its once-favorable capital position and its once-excellent risk management, is a classic use by the Illuminati of their favorite modus operandi, the Hegelian Dialectic:  create the problem, then suggest and implement the predetermined solution.  In this case, the Illuminati created and caused a run on Bear's assets through margin calls and withdrawals and then suggested their predetermined, Fed-orchestrated bailout through fellow FWMD (Financial Weapons of Mass Destruction) owner JP Morgan Chase in order to prevent Bear's bankruptcy by intimating that there could very well be a potential systemic failure if Bear were allowed to go under.  Oh, and by the way, in order to accomplish this bailout, and because JP Morgan is insolvent and has trillions in counterparty risk with Bear, we have to give them a non-recourse loan secured by Bear's toxic waste.   They only need a measly 30 billion.  Aw heck, let's have JPMC eat a billion so we can get away with a mere $29 billion.  What a bargain!  And so what if the collateral is worthless!  Obviously, you don't expect us to go on the hook for Bear's profligacy despite the fact that we allowed this to happen by setting interest rates ridiculously low and by setting the stage for rampant fraud and abuse with a complete lack of regulation and transparency.  This is obviously the taxpayer’s problem and we will be sure to pass the burden on to them where it belongs when this toxic waste is finally liquidated.   Certainly, the Illuminati got no argument from the Treasury or from the SEC, both of which they own.  Nor did we hear a peep from Bear's directors and officers, who wanted to keep the billions in bonus money they were just paid out of the hands of a bankruptcy trustee.  The Illuminati simply do as they please because they own the system and they know how to play on the greed of the Street.

Another admission we get is that the elitists intend to rape all vulnerable, non-insider financial institutions, which suit their purposes.  Bear got sloppy and allowed itself to be exposed imprudently to high levels of toxic waste.  They should have known better.  Bear's shareholders are victims of greed by the directors and officers who were more concerned about big bonus money and fees than about bondholder and shareholder value.  In fact, the shareholders may have been set up by the Illuminati all along with the cooperation of Bear's own board of directors and corporate officers.  We certainly would not put it past them.  These people were pros and their failure to see the potential problems leaves us more than a little incredulous.  They had to know the ratings were bogus.  In any case, Bear was bought for a song at taxpayer expense, including its billion dollar building in Manhattan.  This whole thing reeks to high heaven.

 Any other vulnerable, non-insider institutions of any value will be forced into mergers like Bear and pillaged by Illuminist interests.  The rest will be allowed to fail.  Of those that fail, the dregs of their assets will be bought up by Illuminist interests for pennies on the dollar at the many bankruptcy auctions which will ensue as the system implodes.   

Most of the large players left standing when all is said and done will be insiders.  The cost of virtually all bailouts will, without a doubt, be paid for by taxpayers, as will most of the losses suffered by failed financial institutions as government mortgage-insuring, deposit-insuring and pension-insuring agencies go bankrupt and taxpayers are taken to the cleaners.  This will create rampant hyperinflation as the dollar is destroyed while its reserve status is forfeit, foreign investors flee treasuries, oil is traded in a basket of currencies, the Fed exhausts its general collateral and the entire debacle is forced into immediate monetization.  Interest rates will then go into double digits as we reach Banana Republic status, corporate profits will be decimated, bankruptcies will become rampant and ten of trillions in losses on credit default swaps and interest rate swaps will find their way home to their unlucky owners.  We could see our nominal national debt double or triple in the next decade.  The Fed and the Illuminati seem to think that US citizens are just going to roll over and play dead as all of this transpires.  May we suggest that they have grossly miscalculated and that 450 million weapons are about to brought out and put to good use.  When a loaf of bread and a gallon of gas cost more than an Andrew Jackson, the "rabble" are going to eat the Illuminati for breakfast along with their Praetorian guard.

We believe that the most important admission/revelation/lesson that can be gleaned from the "bagging and tagging" of Bear Stearns is yet another instance of the Illuminati's use of the Hegelian Dialectic.  The evil Illuminati intentionally created the Bear Stearns debacle and the accompanying systemic "scare" as well as most of our current financial problems so that they can shove their self-serving, predetermined answers to those problems down the mouths of the bourgeoisie.  What is the answer they are suggesting?  We'll tell you what they are suggesting.  They are suggesting that more regulatory power be centralized in the Fed by giving it more power over the system in order to prevent these problems from happening again in the future.  Never mind that the Fed is the root cause of all the problems, since most people do not understand the financial system well enough to figure that out.  Most people still think the Fed is a government agency for heaven's sake.  This is why Hanky Panky Paulson and the fane-stream media are now howling for this new regulatory power to cover not only banks, but all financial institutions on and off the Street, including investment banks and brokerage houses, which are currently pseudo-regulated by our bought-and-paid-for, compromised government officials in Congress, in the Presidential Administration and in the various despicable government agencies which have all sold us out.  They are trying once again to bamboozle the public into thinking that this is the right thing to do, when obviously nothing could be further from the truth.  Once the Fed is in charge of the whole show, it's party time for the Illuminati, or so they think.  We have a sneaking suspicion that something is going to happen on the way to that party.  The only party they are likely to see if they keep up these traitorous acts is a "hangin' party."