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EU Proposes Joint Border and Coast Guard in Wake of Refugee Crisis

this latest proposal, expected to be tabled next Tuesday, is the end result of a series of agreements-in-principle between the European Commission, the European Council, and European Parliament over the creation of a joint European Border and Coast Guard System.

James Corbett | December 16, 2015

Pop quiz: what do you call a geographical area with a perimeter policed by a standing border guard deployed at the whim of a central government? Most people would call it a country. Well guess what just happened in the EU?

According to FT, the European Commission is set to table a plan for a standing border guard that will be deployed at the whim of Brussels, not the states that it is "protecting." As the FT report elaborates:

"One of the most contentious elements of the regulation would hand the commission the power to authorise a deployment to a frontier, on the recommendation of the management board of the newly formed European Border and Coast Guard. This would also apply to non-EU members of Schengen, such as Norway. Although member states would be consulted, they would not have the power to veto a deployment unilaterally."

The EU's borders have hitherto been managed by individual member states, with help from Frontex, an EU agency established in 2004 to help coordinate external border management of the EU. The Council Regulation establishing Frontex explicitly acknowledged that: "The responsibility for the control and surveillance of external borders lies with the Member States." But the Syrian refugee crisis, including the supposed "fact" that at least two of the Paris attackers entered the European Union through Greece by posing as refugees, has presented the tyrants in Brussels with the perfect opportunity to move the football down the field on the way to the EU super-state endzone.

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