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Concentrations Of Risk

concentrations of risk, dizzying heights in the market, fantasies of the Council on Foreign Relations, royalist fantasies of George Bush II and QEII, and the people who run your lives.

Bob Chapman | May 12, 2007

Recently the New York Federal Reserve released a report, which warned sharply against concentrations of risk and referred to the LTCM crisis of 1998 that nearly took down the international financial system. Since that time there has been no legislation or regulation of derivatives or hedge funds. Instead of fixing the system the Fed has adapted a wall of money and credit policy, which in itself has become another unsustainable financial bubble, which is about to pop.

The Fed knows darn right well that a storm is brewing and concentration is massive. The Fed should know they helped create this monster. Hedge funds now make up over 50% of NYSE trades. Furthermore, the hedge funds are buying the same kinds of debt collectively. Thus, sudden financial losses could strike them all simultaneously. That means their borrowed funds could be called in and there leverage disrupted. We know derivatives and hedge funds are giant accidents waiting to happen, but what is very curious is the US media failed to report these comments. The Financial Times of London did so and stressed the danger involved. In fact, some of the US media reported the exact opposite of the intent of the Fed’s message.

As the stock market rises to dizzying heights no one wants to hear portents of bad news. No one wants the spell to be broken. It might kill the euphoria in the market, which makes like the recession we are in and the collapse of real estate and the manufacturing industry didn’t really exist. Wall Street ignores the crisis in mortgage-backed securities.

A blowout-crack up boom is inevitable and in anticipation of this the Council on Foreign Relations via a Foreign Affairs article by Benn Steil, titled, The End of National Currency,” tells us what the Illuminists have in store next for us. We are to end economic sovereignty via the total capitulation of all nations to unbridled free trade and globalization and world government. This is best described as monetary dictatorship to be used to force us into a global empire. This is a modern day extension of the Venetian model of a private financier oligarchy ruling the world through control over debt and commerce. These are the same Illuminist families that were thrown out of Venice in 1348.

In behalf of his Illuminist masters Benn Steil says the solution to the coming currency crisis is “not to return to a mythical past of monetary sovereignty, with governments controlling local interest and exchange rates in blissful ignorance of the rest of the world.” He says national currencies and global markets do not mix: together they make a deadly brew of currency crisis and geopolitical tension and create ready pretexts for damaging protectionism. Thus, the CFR solution to the massive imbalances of free trade is to have one currency for the world controlled by crooks and Satanists. We are talking about a world feudalist society. A world currency and a world central bank which will deprive everyone of monetary freedom and have a life-or-death power over everyone on earth. This would mean an Illuminist financial oligarchy would rule our lives. You would only have power over your assets if this one world monetary authority allowed you to have it.

Benn Steil’s article has been published in Foreign Affairs by orders from the top of today’s Illuminati, the British Royal Family. Steil has been a member of Britain’s Royal Institute of International Affairs, also known as Chatham House since 1992, and was made director of their International Economics program. In late 1998 he was transferred to the CFR in New York City.

This is all part of the British-American Project for Successor Generations (BAP). All of them in this project are connected to each other via the old Venetian family network. Britain and Europe’s Illuminists have never forgiven America for breaking away from British Colonial rule via the American Revolution. Sine then they have done everything possible to bring America back into the control of the Illuminists. This is why the Queen of England wore her jewels and tiara at all her meetings at the White House. The visit had nothing to do with the 500-year Jamestown celebration, or whatever it was, it was to face to face give George the moron his marching orders. Part of which was a new Anglo American Agreement that you have heard nothing about that was blocked out by the media. When Tony Blair formed his Cabinet he was told who to include. Most were BAP or Royal Institute-Chatham House people of old Venetian backgrounds. One of the main Chatham House advisors to the Queen is Baroness Elizabeth Symons, who is close friends to Dick Cheney’s wife, “Mandy,” Mandelson, who is a close intimate friend of Blair who is now EU trade Commissioner and a host of others.

Steil also runs an investment firm known as Efficient Frontier LLC, which handles accounts for other high-worth Illuminists. These are the people who want to run your lives.