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Afghan Sham

Afghan sham... in go the bases, so when is the US going into Iran?... Wrapped in chinese textiles... fountains of blood money... Arnold cant pump up his popularity any longer... making friends with genocidal murderers... and more

Bob Chapman | May 7, 2005

Afghanistan's President Karzai is a figurehead and without a small Army of Afghans he will not be able to stay in office. His security is still run by mercenaries in the pay of the US government. Four months after Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld's visit, it was announced that nine new bases would be built in the country. After the meeting it was announced that a 70,000-man Afghan Army would be formed and trained to protect democracy. The national Army presently has 20,000 troops backed by 17,000 US troops, all of whom are watched by 5,000 plus NATO troops. The Afghan Army is run by an Afghan warlord who has 30,000 militia under his thumb as well. They have had plenty of combat training. All they need is respect for law and order. Outside large cities there is little law and order and bombs still go off in the cities.

In 2003, US occupied Afghanistan produced 4,200 tons of opium and in 2004 set a new record of 4,950 tons. The Pentagon and their masters refuse to deal with the problem because it is a big, very profitable, business.

The US wants the new bases because they have no intention of ever leaving. Of course, their presence is to stop al Qaida and the Taliban. That is about as salient as stopping non-existent terrorism in the US. This is no exit strategy, only permanent occupation. The current three central bases in the country are Bagram Air Field, north of Kabul, Kandahar Air Field in southern Afghanistan and Shindand Air Field at Herat, which is 63 miles from the Iranian border. The nine new bases will be single bases in Helmand, Herat, Nimrouz, Balkh and Muzar-e-Sharif and two bases each in Jalalabad/Khost and Paktika. Balkh and Muzar-e-Sharif face Tajikistan to the northeast and Uzbekistan is directly north. Bagram, Kabul, Jalalabad, Khost, Paktika and Kandahar face Pakistan and Herat, Shindand, Helmand and Nimrouz face Iran. They are setting up a military perimeter as a permanent base of operations. This allows them to outflank Russia, India and China and perhaps Pakistan on the north and east and Iran, Iraq and the Middle East to the west and south. The country, after several years of occupation, has yet to have a permanent parliament, which ostensibly must approve all these permanent bases. What we really have is another American satrapy similar to what the Romans used. The presence and bases, as we explained over five years ago, are to control the crossroads of the Middle East, Central Asia and South Asia. We also have a base at Munas near the capital of Bishkek, the capital of Kyrgyzstan northeast of Afghanistan, where 3,000 American troops are based. We have 1,500 soldiers at Tajik and Kazakh airfields directly north of Afghanistan as well. This is a permanent presence. In addition, Pakistan has allowed a commercial airport at Jacobabad, 300 miles southeast of Kandahar to be one of three bases by the US and allied forces to support their operations in Afghanistan. A number of other bases are being used as jumping off points for the military and Special Forces from Pakistan.

We envision a presence in the region for the next 50 years or more because this presence allows the US the option of using the bases for aggressive warfare. We expect, in the event of a move against Iran or another state, Israel will move first. The simple question now is when.

Per US Treasury figures the net capital inflow into the US in January was more than $4 billion a day, to support the current account and budget deficits. Ninety percent of that flow is coming from corporations and individuals, not governments. Although the US government and the Fed are accommodating and monetizing the onshore debt it financially does not get any worse than this.

The Chinese are considering export tariffs on certain categories of textiles in the hope of slowing a rapid growth in shipments to the US and Europe. This month the Commerce Department said that Chinese cotton knit shirts and blouses' imports rose 1,250% in the first quarter, while cotton trousers surged 1,500%. In January, 12,200 jobs were lost in the US due to China's textile exports and 500,000 more will lose jobs here and 29.5 million throughout the world.

The Bush-Nazi slime pit gets deeper and deeper. Previously we mentioned the Neil Bush-Swiss Institute connection. On the board with Neil was ex-Hitler youth member Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, now Pope Benedict XVI. These two, we are told, engaged in interfaith dialogue as well as the good old days in the German Army. The Pope spent his time trying to bury the Vatican's massive homosexual and pedophile scandal. It is estimated that the Cardinal's backing of George Bush in the last election got George 6% of the US Catholic vote. The Cardinal even condemned any Catholic voting for John Kerry to eternal hellfire. On the board as well is Jamal Daniel, a principal in New Bridge Strategies, a firm set up by top Bush insiders to steer corporate clients to the fountains of blood money being made in Iraq. New Bridge also has another business and that is mercenaries. It just gets worse every day.

At the secret meeting of the Trilateral Commission in Washington on April 15-18, appearances by Cheney, Rumsfeld and other administration officials were viewed as Top Secret. Their attendance was not listed on their public schedules, not even as involving a private group. There were no transcripts available, which is normal for secret meetings of the world elitists. Paul Wolfowitz, new World Bank President said more American tax dollars would have to be shipped to poorer countries. David Gergen warned nationalism remains a strong force in America and selling the idea of surrendering sovereignty to the UN will be difficult. Gergen is another elitist who hops from one political party to another and believes we have to be brought to our financial knees and our weapons confiscated, as soon as possible to bring us into the One-World fold.

Former Secretary of Fatherland Security is a board member of Savi Technology, which supplies RFID chips to the military. The Bush doctrine is to enrich other elitist cronies while keeping the population under control.

In 4 1/2 years the Fed, the Bank of England and the Bank of Japan have seen money supply increase 80% or by 14% a year compounded.

We told you George bush wouldn't give up on Social Security privatization – and he is not giving up. What he is attempting is the biggest swindle of all time. George has been instructed by his elitists' comrades to throw caution to the winds – there is too much at stake for key banking and financial figures on Wall Street. That is trillions of dollars in profits. Those fees stolen from American citizens who work very hard for their money. The $10 trillion George wants to borrow via Wall Street plus the $500 billion a year in employees' payroll contributions would be poured into Wall Street “private accounts” to keep the stock market and the dollar from collapsing. They should name the bill the “Wall street Bonanza Law.” Since January we have won the first round. The second begins in June in congress. If you do not want to be screwed out of your retirement, leave nothing to chance, climb all over your elected representatives.

George and his neocon Nazis want to steal all of your retirement, as they have in England, Chile, Peru, Argentina and Mexico. These crooks have to have your Social Security retirement money because everyday they need $4 billion from foreigners just to keep the US economy afloat, and the money is drying up. Look at the buyers of Treasuries. The third largest buyer is secret Caribbean offshore corporations. This is the US Treasury and the Fed buying Treasuries with money created out of thin air. This is a $93 billion Ponzi scheme. The financial system is breaking down. We are not only fighting to retain our Social Security retirement, we are also fighting a looming dictatorship.

The secret, conspirator group known as the Bilderbergers are having their annual planning session at the Dorint Sofitel See Hotel Lieberfahrt, 40 miles from Munich. The five-star conference and business hotel is on a lake and there is a golf course nearby. All the media that have been invited are sworn to secrecy, so you will not know what went on at the meetings. These are the people who run our world. Citizens of every country know nothing of this secret government. We will follow up on this. What we should do is go to the local area and see what we can find out. We speak German having lived in Germany for many years. If we did that you would miss the IF.

Seven months before 9/11 our government reported Uzbekistan tortured prisoners by beating, asphyxiation, boiling body parts, using electroshock on genitals and plucking off fingernails and toenails with pliers. Two prisoners were boiled to death. We have not received an answer to an inquiry whether the boiled prisoners were then eaten. Now that country is helping us kill the Taliban and getting paid well for it. We just gave them $500 million for border control and security measures. This is a dictatorship. George and the neocons have Uzbekistan as a partner in the war. There is also growing evidence that the US has sent terror suspects to Uzbekistan for detention, interrogations, abuse and torture, as part of its so-called rendition program. Incidentally, there will come a time when this will be done in the US. People snatched off the street because they are critical of the government and shipped to far away places to be put through the same process as foreigners are being put through. There soon will be nothing known as human rights left for us. Thus, we have these barbaric butchers as partners in crime. Our CIA is transporting these detainees to Tashkent in Gulf Stream jets and Boeing 737. The log evidence is a matter of public record. This has been going on for over three years. Over and over again, not only in Uzbekistan, but also in places all over the world, the CIA, our government, has violated the UN Prohibition Against Torture. Our government consorts with some of the worst people on the face of the earth.

If you use a historical P/E index of 14 times earnings, the following is true. The NASDAQ is overvalued by 128%, the S&P by 46% and the DOW by 33%. In the course of the second leg of the bear market, the NASDAQ should visit 844; S&P 1,156 and the DOW 7672 that is, if earnings stay the same, which they will not. This is a best scenario. The US government and the Fed cannot hold the market up forever.

Our President's proposal for progressive price indexing of Social Security puts the lie to claims that it is a plan to increase benefits equal to 49% of wages before retirement. That would not change, but workers making higher earnings would face cuts and that is not the case. Here is the proposed Bush breakdown. The average worker – average pay is $37,000 – retiring in 2075 would face a cut equal to 10% of pre-retirement income. Workers earning 60% more than average, the equivalent of $58,000 today, would see benefit cuts equal to almost 13% of their income before retirement. Workers earning three times the average would face cuts of only 9% and someone making $1 million would be cut just 1%. The same lies over and over. Just like Medicaid and food stamps, which were cut as tax cuts were extended on dividends and capital gains. States have had to cut back making it even worse. The privatization of Social Security will be a disaster for Americans just as it has been in every country where it is being tried.

The governor of the Peoples' Republic of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger, has had a staggering loss of popularity since he had to retreat on proposals like the ones on public employees' pensions and redistricting. Arnolds' approval ratings as a result have fallen below 50%. In fact it is 40%. His decision not to restore $2 billion in education refinancing from last year has infuriated the CTA as they start to lay off teachers in Los Angeles.

The Fed did not like the market action on Friday, nor the fact that gold would not trade lower and so they added $5 billion in repurchase agreements. This addition has caused the repo pool to rise to $74.991 billion. On Monday they fought to keep the market in plus territory and fought hard to suppress gold. On the second lowest volume day in many years, the DOW gained 60 points. The reason is that the public and professionals are getting the message, the market is rigged and they do not want to play in a game with loaded dice. They bashed gold again for $5.60 as buying hit new peaks. The cartel cannot have more than 5,000 tons left and we believe they have much less than that. Be aggressive buyers of numismatic coins, junk 90% silver and gold and silver shares. In the shares average down and what ever you do, do not sell. We are on the bottom. Today saw the lowest volume day in history on the Vancouver Stock Exchange. You buy them when nobody wants them.

GM's credit rating is officially on the edge of being down graded to junk. That, of course, is why we put it on our list of stocks to short. GM's stock is off 33% and their bonds are off 26% over the past few weeks. Many large corporations will be dealt heavy losses once the downgrade occurs and as you can see many have already taken stiff losses. This downgrade could put strong pressure on both stock and bond markets. It will show the public that blue chips are capable of serious problems, even bankruptcy.

California has had a name change. It is no longer the Golden State; it is now called the Tulip state. Homes that were bought for $17,500 in the early 1950s now sell for $900,000. This fall the mania will begin to come to an end.

Our President, the neocons and Congress are fighting to kill the Dafur Accountability Act, which would be the most forceful step the US has taken so far against the genocide. The hottest places in hell are reserved for those who in a period of moral crises maintain their neutrality. Four hundred thousand human lives were extinguished in Dafur, Sudan. Mr. Bush and our Congress are more interested in securing a peace between northern and southern Sudan and using Khartoum as a spy base then it is in genocide. In fact, the CIA recently flew Sudan's intelligence chief to Washington for consultations about the war on terror. Two million people have been driven from their homes in Dafur and we have the murderers visit Washington. Our government is a disgrace.