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A New System For The Privleged Is Not A Remedy For The Economy

Lessons to learn herein our newsletter, president ratings disgraceful, US citezens reduced to credit addicts, paper rife with fraud, AIG still bonusing staff after TARP, US laughing stock of capital finance.

Bob Chapman | November 7, 2009

IF subscribers are people who have taken the red pill.  We are happy to show them how deep the rabbit-hole goes. - BOB aka Morpheus.
Our usurping, non-citizen, spendthrift President, together with our corrupt, elitist-bootlicking Congress of money-grabbing Dumbos and Jackasses, are spending us into a multi-trillion dollar hyperinflationary oblivion as their ratings by their constituents drop into the toilet bowl, ratings which are disgracefully the lowest in all of US history.  With a diabolical "Robin Hood in Reverse" plan in place since 1913 for the extortion of money from the US middle class to reduce their serfs to poverty and abject slavery, the Illuminati have managed to use the Federal Reserve Act and US income tax, together with the Social Security Ponzi Scheme, phony, orchestrated wars for profit, socialization of bankster-gangster losses, the globalism/free trade/off-shoring/outsourcing/legal-illegal immigration agendas, and a totally bought-and-paid-for President, Congress, judiciary and regulatory agencies, to reduce US citizens to consumerist credit addicts, living pay check to pay check like narcissistic hedonists.

The future, dumbed-down serfs of the future "masters of the universe" (so-called), now watch completely meaningless sports games and trash-TV instead of getting informed and taking action to save their country from the group of satanic trillionaires who have created the Goldilocks Matrix which they now occupy.  We ask our fellow citizens in the matrix:  Do you want the blue pill, or do you want the red pill?  So far, most Americans have unfortunately opted for the blue pill.  As always, those who have opted for the red pill are going to have to save the blue pill idiots from the consequences of their own pitiful ignorance.  People who take the red pill are subscribing to the IF to get the truth and are buying gold and silver like there is no tomorrow so they can live to fight another day when the worldwide financial system collapses, as planned, to pave the way for a one world police state.  The bold people who took the red pills are going to be all over the Illuminati like flies on rice when that happens, and you can take that to the bank, if there is still a single bank left standing after the Quadrillion Dollar Derivative Death Star goes supernova.

After watching most of our manufacturing industries shipped overseas, we have been reduced to tapping on keyboards, greeting people at department stores, flipping burgers, providing menial healthcare services for pitiful wages and shoving stacks of paper to and fro, while producing little that has any lasting value.  Our financial industry, which by and large is run by Illuminist crooks, are using insider trading information from the PPT, led by Goldman Sachs and their government-gifted, front-running trade algorithm, to gun for the fast and easy buck, thereby transforming our capital markets from places where we can invest in our future into gambling casinos complete with craps tables and roulette wheels.  When they profit, they get outrageous bonuses, but when they have gambling losses, they pass them on to taxpayers via the sewer slime and pond scum in Congress and in the Executive Branch who are attached to marionette strings, with the Puppet Masters in our shadow government holding the sticks to which those strings are attached, causing them to bob and weave like the wooden dummies that they are.

While our financial industry pushes a lot of paper around, most of the paper produced is rife with fraud and deceitful schemes meant to enrich the evil Illuminati, as well as their henchmen on Wall Street, at Goldman Sachs North, aka the Treasury Department employment pool, and at Goldman Sachs South where money and employees from Goldman Sachs North are shared for a while, all at the expense of just about everyone else around the globe.  The bankster-gangsters are already in the process of creating the next subprime derivative bubble through Fannie and Freddie, the FHA (Federal Housing Administration), the FHLB (Federal Home Loan Bank) and the USDA (US Department of Agriculture), to the tune of many hundreds of billions of dollars.  The new subprime real estate bubble, powered by artificially low interest rates, little or no down payment requirements and lax credit standards, together with an $8,000 first time home buyers credit, will be popped later as the next round of inevitable defaults gets underway, probably one to two years from now.  This fraudulent subprime loan origination and securitization not only adds nothing to our economy, it will eventually help destroy our economy.  The bankster-gangsters and their henchmen will get the goldmine of commissions, fees, spreads, salaries and bonuses, and you will get the shaft.

GS, which sometimes stands for Goldman Sachs, but which always stands for Gold Suppression, is having some public relations issues, and no wonder.  The Vampire Squid marches on, continuing to suck the life blood out of all the "useless eaters," helping to prepare the way for a one world police state by assisting in the collapse of the world financial system while they make a filthy fortune along the way. Some day, they are going to choke on all the filthy lucre they have purloined from the public.  Ahoy there, Captain Obama.  There's a Vampire Squid swimming along the port side of the USS Banana Republic.  Well then, what are you waiting for First Mate Geithner, hoist up the Jolly Roger in acknowledgement!  

By the way, when is GS going to pay back the tens of billions that were given to AIG by taxpayers so that Goldman would not go under as the insured counterparty to credit default swaps guaranteed by AIG that had gone sour?  They have a lot of nerve issuing bonuses when they still owe the government big-time from the AIG bailout!   And they would not have been able to pay the bailout money back if their totally bogus mark-to-model balance sheets were to show true mark-to-market figures.  They are just as bankrupt as all the rest of the "anointed" legacy banks and investment banks, with a lot of their toxic waste still off balance sheet and offshore in SIV's, structured investment vehicles, in VIE's, variable interest entities, and in OTC derivatives, which taken together expose them to tens of billions in losses if not hundreds of billions.  And who knows what their credit default swap portfolio looks like even after the AIG bailouts.  We wonder how much of their toxic waste has been pawned off on the Fed in exchange for treasuries under the Term Securities Lending Facility?  And how much of this GS toxic waste has been pledged as collateral at face value for near zero interest Fed loan money which they have parked with the Fed at 3% or which they have used to buy equities on insider trading information as the leading PPT operative with their front-running trade algorithms as the stock markets have rocketed 60% in six months for the first time in history despite the fact that we face the worst economic scenario in our history?  Of course, we can't tell, because GS won't disclose it and the Fed says it's a state secret.  GS is simply ignoring the new Basel II and Basel III mark-to-market rules which now apply to them because they opted to become a bank to get Fed bailout largesse.  Who is going to make them comply?  The BIS?  The Fed?  The Treasury?  The SEC?  The CFTC?  The FASB? The President?  The Congress?  The Supreme Court?

GS either owns, or is in cahoots with, all of the above.  The whole system is laughable. We are now the laughing stock of world finance.

GS would have had to keep the bailout money from the TARP (Troubled Asset Relief Program), and the salary and bonus restrictions that go with them, in order to shore up their awful balance sheets if the terrible truth about their financial condition were made known.  In addition, their profits are all totally illegal based on insider trading and government black box front-running algorithms, a gift from our government's bogus so-called regulatory agencies who sit on their fat duffs and do nothing about blatant financial scams like Madoff Ponzi schemes and the naked shorting of stocks.  That is because GS and all of the regulatory agencies themselves are in on virtually all of these financial scams as silent partners.  Trust us when we tell you, our regulatory criminals profit greatly from their inaction, whether from bribes, insider trading profits, shares in criminal booty and/or very lucrative jobs they just happen to fall into when they leave government service.

Incidentally, the Basel II rules were part of the overall plan to destroy our economy, much like the repeal of Glass-Steagall that allowed banks to get into investment banking activities again and the passage of the Commodity Futures Modernization Act which deregulated the OTC derivatives market.  All these legislative machinations were put in place in order to create a new, less regulated, much larger and far more vulnerable and out-of-control (i.e. highly leveraged) financial system which, when broken, would accelerate the current financial crisis, making the implosion louder and the dive steeper.  The purpose in doing so was to destroy the old nation-state financial system and replace it with a satanic global financial system that would make the Vampire Squid look like a Shrimp or a Sea Horse by comparison.  The current financial crisis in the US and around the world was not a failure of capitalism, but an intentional looting of the world financial system by Illuminist crony fascism sheep-dipped in capitalism.  The old British Mercantilist System that has been surreptitiously adopted in the US via both the Federal Reserve Act (stealth tax on the masses by inflation of the money supply) and the US income tax (direct taxation of the masses) is a freedom-choking system of financial bondage which allows a nation's economic system to be hijacked by the wealthy and powerful.  It is anything but free market capitalism.  This is the very system of financial bondage that our Founding Fathers fought a very bloody and costly war to rid themselves of.  They are rolling over in their graves.

Basel II, which was implemented by the ultimate Illuminist financial institution, the BIS (Bank of International Settlements) in Basel, Switzerland, is like an adjuvant to the crisis, preventing banks from lending again for fear that they may have to comply with mark-to-market rules, thus choking off our economy to pave the way for an Orwellian one world police state of feudality.  Basel II is the perfect excuse for the legacy banks to stand on the sidelines while they gobble up government TARP money and refuse to lend to anyone but the "anointed."  But remember, there is one system for the "anointed," and another system for everyone else.  Thus, the Fed and corrupt US regulators will allow the anointed legacy banks to essentially blow off Basel II, and will only hold the feet of the non-anointed small fry to the Basel II fire.  Thus, the big will get bigger, and the small will fail and get eaten by the larger.  No wonder Obama and Geithner want the Fed to become the new super regulator, with even more power to decide which banks and corporations will live, and which will die.  All the more reason to audit and get rid of the Fed.  We do not need a drooling Head Fox guarding the henhouse.

While the resulting credit crunch was ongoing, the Fed "convinced" Congress to allow them to pay interest on member bank reserves held by the Fed.  Credit, at near zero rates, is now being extended by the Fed to its "anointed" in exchange for their toxic waste as collateral, which proceeds are then being deposited with the Fed as reserves at a 3% rate of interest instead of being re-loaned, and we'll give you three guesses as to who gets to pay for this interest on reserves.  That is a very profitable and risk free spread, but only for the "anointed," as the Fed can open and shut its discount loan window to whomever it darn well pleases, being a privately owned bank.   The small fry can go scratch, and many have already succumbed.  This will continue until the number of banks in our banking system is cut in half.  The FDIC is beyond broke.  They don't even have enough to cover but a tiny fraction of potential losses, much less to cover the losses from the failure of half of the banks in the entire system.  Either the claims for lost deposits will not be paid, or so much money will be printed to pay those claims that the money received in payment will be virtually worthless, along with any and all remaining dollar-denominated assets.  This is going to become a very big problem indeed in the not-too-distant future.  The solution:  Empty your bank accounts of all but one to three months of necessary household operating expenses, and buy gold and silver related assets with the rest, along with freeze-dried food, a water filter, and the means to defend your family from malefactors, both public and private.   

This 3% interest on reserves is one of the primary reasons the Fed won't say which banks are getting the zero interest loans, because that would identify the Illuminist institutions who are scamming US taxpayers despite being bankrupt.  These insolvent institutions should be liquidated in bankruptcy court, but instead public largesse is being used to keep them alive so they can feed their henchmen with salaries and bonuses, which would not otherwise be possible.  In addition, these greedy Illuminist institutions are making a risk-free 3%, are hoarding their monetary reserves to sterilize them from having an inflationary impact on the economy in order to suppress gold and silver, and are cutting off the public from acquiring credit even though the public has bailed them out and is guaranteeing their loans from the Fed.   Talk about moral hazard!

The near zero rates, and the huge spread on reserve deposits with the Fed, is being protected by currency swaps which the Fed and other foreign central banks have been exchanging with one another.  This keeps foreign banks out of US credit markets so their demand for dollars won't bid up loan rates in the US.  These swaps are also being used as conduits by the Fed to feed dollars to foreign banks so they can purchase treasuries, thus keeping treasury rates, and the mortgage rates that are tied into them, on the lower end of the spectrum, while at the same time the Fed uses its foreign currencies from the swap arrangements to weaken those foreign currencies by dumping them on the currency exchanges, thus strengthening the dollar and putting pressure on gold and silver.  Needless to say, all the dollars and other foreign currencies used in these swap arrangements are being created out of thin air via monetization, which means that all major currencies are being debauched simultaneously, thus paving the way for a one world currency, while at the same time inexorably driving gold and silver to new heights against all currencies.

By giving the legacy banks the excuse not to continue lending due to the threat of Basel II mark-to-market rules, which rules were temporarily delayed by the FASB (Financial Accounting Standards Board) to delay recognition of losses so the Illuminists could continue to milk the system by originating and packaging their fraudulent loans and securitizations for profits to fund outrageous salaries and bonuses, the recovery of the US economy has been choked off for everyone except the Illuminists and their corrupt, "anointed," financial institutions.  This choking off of credit also sterilizes the inflationary effect that would result if banks started lending again, because the fractional reserve banking multiplier would create a boatload of money out of thin air.  In this manner, the Fed is able to feed money exclusively to its cronies in the financial system without stoking inflation to dizzying levels, while everyone else floats off into financial oblivion.