International Forecaster Weekly

A Common Agenda Behind all the Military Conflict

The disgrace of a nation, having the best enemies that money can buy, questioning the reasons for war, and agendas of elitists for creating conflict for power and profit. 

Bob Chapman | February 16, 2008

We thought we would start out today's IF with a word to our troops as they fight against an enemy funded by the Illuminati under circumstances intentionally designed by these sociopaths to prevent the US military from achieving any kind of a victory.  Only ties (i.e. Korea), losses (i.e. Vietnam) and unfinished jobs (i.e. Gulf War I) are allowed.  Why?  Because a powerful US economy and military are together the single greatest threat to the implementation of world government.  The planned destruction of US military and economic might are at the top of the Illuminist agenda. Nothing else comes even remotely close in priority to this objective.

Yet today to speak out against the current conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan allows the government to declare that the speaker, who is clearly a patriotic American by any other standard, can instead be declared by the President to be what the USA Patriot Act and the Military Commissions Act of 2006 terms to be an "unlawful enemy combatant," subjecting the objector to capture, extraordinary rendition, torture and a total suspension of the right of habeas corpus, among other atrocities.  This applies to US citizens and non-citizens alike, despite the neocon lies to the contrary.  So much for the Bill of Rights and the Constitution that all soldiers are sworn to uphold.  For this reason, our country has become a worldwide disgrace under the reprobate leadership of the past two Administrations.

Note that we termed the current military actions in Iraq and Afghanistan to be "conflicts," and not as "wars," because Congress has not declared war on either country, a failure, which renders these Commander-in-Chief declared wars not only immoral but also unconstitutional.  In more recent times, instead of fighting declared wars against specific countries, we fight undeclared wars against elitist-created shadow groups or against acts of violent, unlawful behavior.  Instead of having a declared war against Iraq or Afghanistan, we have an undeclared "War on Terror" which is as phony as a three dollar bill because it is based on an Illuminist-orchestrated act of terror reminiscent of the Pearl Harbor attack which we knew was coming and did nothing about so we could be dragged kicking and screaming into World War II.  The Illuminati funded 911 and aided and abetted the terrorists while their black ops set charges in the Twin Towers during phony fire drills in order to bring them down by controlled demolition so we could be dragged kicking and screaming into Afghanistan and later into Iraq.  This was all laid out in the Project for a New American Century and our own government and its dark, black, shadowy operatives were complicit in the 911 atrocity.  We apparently don't know who we are fighting anymore, and that is because the Illuminati do not want us to know that it is really them we are fighting.  The Communists, the Socialists, the Fascists, the Nazis, the Viet Cong, Bin Laden, Saddam Hussein, al Qaeda, the Taliban, the PLO, you name it, these diabolical elitists have funded every one of these groups.  As Dr. Stan Monteith is fond of saying, we have the best enemies that money can buy.  And how many of our soldiers have died fighting the enemy entities funded by our own government and the large multinational banks, corporations and charitable trusts of the Illuminati, not to mention all the other soldiers and civilians of all other nationalities who were involved in these contrived wars and conflicts.  We shudder to think.  The Illuminati make Hitler, Stalin and Mao look like choirboys.  The Illuminists created their empires and brought this trio of winners to power for Pete's sake!

But the sad truth is, no matter how you might name the war or conflict, and whether it is being fought against a specific country or against nameless, faceless individuals such as terrorists, all wars are orchestrated and fought for profit.  These profits are made in arms, pharmaceuticals, aircrafts, motor vehicles, equipment, food, tires, mercenaries, outright thefts of cash, etc., and will total in the many hundreds of billions and eventually trillions just in the current conflicts alone.  Do you find it hard to believe that all wars, on a non-military, elitist level, are orchestrated for profit and not for patriotic reasons or for the spread of democracy?  Do you find it hard to believe that our soldiers have become the unknowing henchmen of sinister, trillionaire Satanists?

Do you find it hard to believe that you are being used as cannon fodder by a group of slimy scum, who, if you really knew who they were and what they stood for, you would spit in their faces?  We felt just as you did at one time, but we got our wake up call in Hungary in 1956 during the Hungarian Revolution, which we were involved in from a counterintelligence perspective.  Western nations had promised to support the freedom fighters via Radio Free Europe and the Voice of America, but we turned our backs on them after they had some initial success because we really wanted the Communist Soviets to succeed and wanted the Hungarians crushed before they became too powerful for the Soviets to handle.  How else do you explain our encouragement and then our subsequent lack of action?  The Hungarians were sucker-punched.  We can still hear their screams of agony and death over the radio as the Soviets tore them to shreds.  That is when we knew something was very wrong and decided to get out.

The current conflicts have been used not only for profit and for graft and corruption with no-bid contracts, fraudulent billing, substandard services and outright thefts, but also to bankrupt our country and to weaken our forces by running our soldiers to a frazzle with ridiculously long tours of duty to the point that many of them develop PTSS or commit suicide if they aren't killed by an IED first or die later from depleted uranium exposure and poisoning.  Other diabolical elitist purposes for the war are to keep our soldiers away from our shores where we need them for our defense, to deplete and wear out our munitions, supplies and equipment and to leave and render us vulnerable to any potential counterattacks and supply-line disruptions by forever spreading our operations too thinly.  US forces can now be tied up completely at the drop of a hat while a domestic black-op-orchestrated act of terror like 911 is used to place us under martial law so foreign troops that have been imported to our shores from other countries and who are already here now can shoot and terrorize our citizens and drag them off to Halliburton-built detention camps while our economy and financial system crashes and burns, all as planned by the elitists.  Our military has been systematically torn down, especially by Clinton, to a small fraction of its past prowess, while our military and nuclear secrets have been intentionally and traitorously given to our enemies to make sure they stay even with us so that world government can be achieved through the relative equality of power.  If one country like the US had the upper hand, world government would be little more than an elitist wet dream.

Our troops have been asked to fight under impossible rules of engagement, and black ops have intentionally heated up a civil war to a boil to the point where no one can be trusted anymore and the country is in a constant state of turmoil while Iraqi oil sits unused like a big fat cow to be milked later by big oil companies after the national resources of Iraq are allowed to be raped by a puppet government of useless bureaucrats.  Our forces are not adequately trained and are ill-equipped.  What member of any National Guard could have anticipated being dragged off to Iraq or Afghanistan to fight a phony war on terror?  They were trained to control riots, not to do door to door counterinsurgency missions. This all looks like incompetent leadership but is really an intentional dereliction of duty with the express purpose of preventing US troops from winning the war and returning home where they could protect us from these satanic scum-bags and their constant and continual false-flag attacks.  In addition, if the US won a convincing victory in Iraq and Afghanistan, restored peace to the populace of these countries and gained control over Iraqi oil, such events could make the US way too powerful for Illuminist likings.  The elitists fear that US citizens will never give up their sovereignty while they are prosperous and have the upper hand both economically and militarily.

So now you, our troops, are presented with a conundrum.  If you stay in, you have to do as you are told unless it is outright illegal, and that means supporting the Illuminist agenda.  But balancing the problem with the Illuminati is the fact that there are many other valuable services and missions for which we really do need you to remain in the military.  We have plenty of enemies without having any more created by the Illuminists. We also need what few of you do remain here at home to protect us from elitist false-flag attacks, and without your enlistments, we would probably end up with a military draft anyway.  We think you are all the greatest and we love and are proud of every one of you for taking on such a grave responsibility for pay that is not really that great considering your risk, although it is vastly improved from the pittance we received so many years ago.  We know that you are by and large acting with right and proper motives despite having to put up with a very corrupt and jaded group of leaders, especially the civilian variety.  Whatever your decision may be when it comes time to reenlist, we wanted you to be fully aware of what is really happening out there.

We are especially concerned about hearing of training for purposes of implementing martial law during which soldiers were asked if they could shoot or kill their fellow citizens.  We trust and hope that when the time comes, you will all try to do the right thing.  We fully appreciate and understand the very difficult position you have been put in and wish you all the best and God's speed whatever you decide.

The Illuminati have a huge problem.  They have buried it and no one in the media is talking about it, at least not in the correct order of magnitude.  They are quaking with fear as they consider the possibility of this problem being unleashed.  The problem lies in the Land of the Rising Sun, or should we call it the Land of the Sinking CDO.  You have already heard the tripe about there being about $400 to $500 billion of CDO and other asset-backed derivative losses worldwide, and we have already shown you that these losses are way understated and that the delays in their recognition are downright fraudulent.  We also showed you that total losses on asset-backed bonds and derivatives could be as much as $4 trillion in this past issue of the IF, and that does not include the tens of trillions in potential losses in credit default swaps and interest rate swaps.  So why does Japan represent a potential ground zero for the biggest financial catastrophe of all time?  You saw our previous report that of the $400 to $500 billion of potential losses admitted to so far, $150 to $200 billion of those losses may have Japanese banks as their "proud" owners.  Yet we don't hear a peep from Japan.

We have Citigroup, Northern Rock, SocGen, UBS, IKB, Merrill, JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley and many others from the US and Europe who have already written off over a hundred billion with sovereign wealth fund bailouts of 75 billion and some being on their way to partial or even total nationalization, but not so much as a hiccup emanates from Japan.  Could it be that Japan is also undergoing a catastrophe somewhere along the lines of George Romero's "Night of the Living Dead?"  Well, if Japan has 30 to 40 percent of the paltry $400 to $500 billion that has been admitted to, what if they have 30 to 40 percent of the $4 trillion.  That could wipe out their entire forex surplus, the largest in the world, and take the whole financial system down with it when it goes.  Where's the connection to the rest of the world financial system?  You need look no further than the Ultimate Yen Death-Star.  When the magnitude of these losses are finally grasped by the Japanese and foreign investors alike, the Nikkei isn't just going to tank, it is going to be vaporized!  And when all that liquidation occurs, guess what happens.  Everyone sells their equities and corporate bonds and toxic waste and gets yen and Japanese bonds in return (along with truckloads of gold).

That will drive the yen and gold into the ozone and the carry trade and yen shorts into the deepest, darkest depths of Mordor!  Your looking at a sub-100 yen and the biggest financial double-whammy of all time as the toxic waste ignites the Ultimate Yen Death-Star in a thermonuclear pyrotechnics display that will be remembered for millennia.  The hapless Japanese bankers must be sick as they gather together to discuss these problems.  This is not just about saving face.  They are completely and utterly terrified!  We suspect wakizashi short swords may be in short supply in the not too distant future. Sepuku anyone?  All that liquidity, over a trillion dollars of carry trade bets, plus leverage, will be totally drained from the system in a matter of days, and stock markets worldwide would crash and burn like the Hindenburg.  This would make 1929 look like a drop of water dripped into an Olympic-sized swimming pool.  Oh, and incidentally, any sovereign wealth funds or other investors who try to bail out any of these banks, investment banks and bond insurers in Japan or anywhere else in the world is a first class moron.  By the time this whole thing plays out, those who try to bail these flim-flam operations out may well never see so much as a penny of their investment back again.  They may as well load 100 dollar bills into earth movers and then back them up and dump them into the cauldron of an active volcano for a crispy critter Crane confetti cookout!  What idiots!  How about buying billions in gold instead, knuckleheads?!