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A 700 Billion Bailout With No Review or Oversight Whatsoever

The unbelievable breakdown in American lending standards, market instruments no more than a worthless pile of paper, note how market elitists are using the market crash to put pressure on Congress, the plan to bail out fraudsters, the vicious circle of printing more and more currency, more wiled speculation to come after a bailout,

Bob Chapman | September 24, 2008

As it turns out, all the foreign nations holding dollar-denominated foreign exchange surplus reserves in the form of treasury paper realized that we were going to inflate them into oblivion, what with all the bailouts and such, and it appears, well, that they all ran for the door at once, if you catch my drift.  We wore out all the printing presses trying to cash in their bonds for them, and all we had left was a huge pile of treasury paper, which we decided to throw out of my helicopter instead of cash.  They're in pretty big denominations, so the people should be quite impressed.  In any case, we couldn't print any more Federal Reserve notes on account of the printing press issue, and besides, the notes wouldn't have been good for anything but heating fuel, "furnace fodder" if you will, so why go through all the expense to print more?  We have to be fiscally responsible, you know.  MM:  Yeah, right.  Gee, I know this may sound odd, but now that your helicopter's engines have shut down, I could swear that I hear -- could it be -- the sound of marching jackboots, doing a goose-step, in the background?  

HP:  Ahem, well, after Ben and I consulted with our Gestapo, oh, I mean our Department of Homeland Security, they decided to send in the foreign storm-troopers, er, our soldiers, as a follow-up to our helicopter drop.  They were apparently concerned that there might be mass social upheaval, and possibly even a revolution, after the sheople, I mean our citizens, discovered that the treasury bills we just dropped were nothing but "worthless paper."  Well, Ben, we better get going.  We barely have time to pack and get ready to flee to our bunkers and safe-houses with the rest of our "comrades."  Hey, see ya, wouldn't wanta be ya!!!  Oh, and by the way:  Sich Heil!  MM:  I have a bad feeling about this!

After over 40 years of financial reporting and analysis, we can say, without hesitation, that the 700 billion bailout plan proposed by Fed Chairman Buck-Busting Ben Bernanke and Treasury Secretary Hanky Panky Paulson, on behalf of the Caligula Administration, is the most abusive and piggish fascist scheme we have ever heard proposed.  This is the living, freaking, end.  We sit hear stunned and stupefied at the sheer arrogance of a corporatist, fascist plan, so saturated with moral hazard, that it can only be described, to use the words of Jean-Pierre Roth, president of the Swiss National Bank, in his description of the breakdown in American lending standards, as "unbelievable!"

First, note how the elitists have allowed the stock markets to crash over the past two days in order to put pressure on Congress to adopt their plan.  They have withdrawn PPT support in an effort to stuff this plan down Congress's throat.  And this pressure will continue until they get their way.  This is what Congress gets for letting the Illuminati run our country.  Now, they will have to face their constituents in a no-win situation.  If they adopt the plan, they will be accused of bailing out the fraudsters, and of privatizing the profits from the sheople's hard work in evil elitist corporations, while socializing the losses from yet another bankers' Ponzi-scheme in the sheople as is their custom.  If they don't adopt the plan, and as a result, the credit markets freeze up and the US economy goes down in flames, they will be blamed for that as well, even though that is our best solution at this point (i.e. purging the system of its excesses).  The fact that our Congress has sat on their collective duffs and allowed this financial debacle to happen, when it was quite easily avoidable with even the slightest amount of regulation and oversight, gives you every reason to vote out every one of these reprobates and sociopaths ,which we like to refer to as "incumbent scum."  The only exceptions to the coming ouster of incumbents, as far as we are concerned, are Ron Paul, and perhaps Senator Jim Bunning of Kentucky.

Congress appears to be balking, and rightly so, claiming that they need more time to deliberate over this situation, to ponder potential alternative plans, or at the very least to modify the current proposal to make it more palatable to voters, which is impossible, at least in our humble opinion.  But is this just more posturing to make it look like they are not rolling over and playing dead for the elitists, or has Congress finally found their collective backbone?  Only time will tell, but based on past experience, we aren't getting our hopes up.

These filthy Bosch Pigs want to give Paulson carte blanche to pay for toxic waste at its "hold-to-maturity" value with taxpayer funds, meaning you will pay par for crap that is worth pennies on the dollar.  Then you, the taxpayer, will get paid back in hyper-inflated dollars on ever-deteriorating assets, with flagging real estate prices chipping away at their value without recovery for decades, meaning that your collateral on any of these no-down-payment, give-him-a-loan-if-he's-breathing mortgages will be impaired and next to useless in the event of default.  And who is going to administer all these loans, and process the payments, and deal with defaults?  And what types of toxic waste will be subject to the bailout?  Will we be taking on defaulted credit default swaps, interest rate swaps, credit cards, corporate bonds, commercial paper and aircraft leases also?  Will we solve the mortgage-backed securities problem only to be bitten in the butt by credit default and interest rate swaps, or other toxic paper that was equally steeped in fraud?  Of course we will.

The most egregious part of the proposed bailout is that it allows Paulson to dole out the funds and deal with the toxic waste without any judicial oversight and with full immunity from any criminal prosecution.  This means he can pay par with your hard-earned money, and then when it becomes clear that the cess-pool-paper is only worth a small fraction of par, he can pawn it off to his cronies at bargain basement prices, thus distributing any profits to the elitists as they see fit, and the American people can go spit in the wind.

And how is this elitist bailout bonanza going to benefit the taxpayers, or our economy?  It isn't!  In fact, it is going to exacerbate an already volatile situation. Thanks to free trade and globalization, the global economy has become a tripwire economy.  One wrong move, and the claymores go off, taking out the entire global financial system in a blaze of shrapnel and glory.  The whole house of fraudster cards, rife with trade and investment imbalances, then collapses and gets sucked into a gargantuan financial black hole.  All it will take is one nation whose citizens are fed up with rampant inflation.  They will have to break the dollar pegs, cash in their US treasury bonds, and absorb the excess amounts of their domestic currencies by purchasing them with the dollars received as proceeds from the sale of the treasury bonds.  This strengthens their currency, thus moderating their inflationary problems, but then their exports suffer.  Meanwhile, the dollar starts to decline, and everyone else is afraid that this decline will continue and threaten the value of their reserves. The mad dash for the front door begins, and not everyone can fit through at the same time.  The dollar gets destroyed, along with the US economy, as the cash from dumped treasuries finds its way back to the US through purchases of US assets by the foreign nations that are looking desperately to dump their cash, thus creating hyperinflation on a Weimar scale.  That is why the FTC is no longer publishing statistics regarding foreign investment in the US, to hide this problem from the public as the dollars start pouring in.  Adding to global woes, the exporting nations, whose goods are now no longer competitively priced, go down with the USS Titanic.

The United States operates at a deficit, spending more money than we gained from our own production, and we need foreigners to finance our profligacy.  In order to help us finance this deficit, these foreigners buy our treasury paper with the excess dollars they obtain from their trade with the US.  They do this by having their central banks print more of their domestic currency to absorb the dollar forex which is flooding their economies due to trade imbalances with the US.  Their central banks simply print more of their own currency, which is then used in currency exchanges to soak up that dollar forex.  This process inflates their economies by dumping their own currency on their domestic markets while bidding up dollars which are then used to purchase treasuries.  While those dollars are parked in treasuries, they do little harm to US citizens via inflation, although we do have to pay interest on them.  The foreign nations then enjoy a competitive price on their exports to the US because of their artificially weakened currency, but at the expense of domestic inflation.  This system perpetuates the trade imbalances, and the inflation in the foreign nations.  Obviously, this cannot go on forever.

And now, all these wild, lunatic bailouts will threaten the entire world economy. Why?  Because we are dumping more dollars into the world economy, devaluing our currency, and therefore the value of all these foreign-owned US treasury bonds. Imagine what will happen when 700 billion dollars, in cash, is dumped into the fraudster system.  If the fraudsters start lending again, that means the fractional banking multiplier, which usually runs at 7 to 8 times reserves, will then generate five to six trillion dollars of new money and credit, an amount that would swamp the US and global financial systems even if the Fed shut off its money and credit spigot completely.  And who would they lend all this money to?  The overextended, totally broke, unemployed, underemployed sheople who are being hyper-inflated into oblivion?  Of course not.  It will be used for more wild speculation, and to produce more leverage, and more fraud, and more toxic waste, which will add yet more money and credit to our already waterlogged, or should we say dollar-logged, system.

And just because there are losses does not mean that this 700 billion will be absorbed by those losses.  The money that was used to produce the assets which suffered those losses is still in the system, but not where the elitists wanted it to be parked.  They are trying to get that money back, at your expense, through this bailout plan.  Where is that money now?  It is following a path from wherever the last seller of the toxic waste, before it went bad, spent or invested the proceeds from the sale of that toxic waste.  Remember, these derivatives added nothing to the system.  They are just a re-bundling of existing debt-type assets, with the proceeds being used to create more debt for more re-bundling, in what is truly a Ponzi-scheme, using the same money over and over again to create more debt.  The only new money produced were the fees and commissions paid to do the re-bundling.  What about the money that the current owner of the toxic waste has lost on principal and interest on defaulted loans?   That money is in the future earnings of the defaulted borrowers, who instead of spending it on principal and interest to cover mortgage payments, will now spend it on rent and other necessities.  And what of the lost leverage?  That is being replaced by the dollars coming back into the system through de-leveraging, and which will be available for re-leveraging when it comes into stronger hands, as it must, eventually.  

Further, our national debt is going to grow by leaps and bounds on account of these bailouts, and this affects our ability to repay, thus weakening the dollar further and exacerbating inflationary pressures.  We are like a person who earns twenty thousand dollars a year and has two hundred thousand dollars worth of credit card balances.  We have news for you.  Those balances are not going to be repaid.  The foreign holders of dollar-denominated assets are not stupid, and the dollar suffers in foreign exchange markets every time the debt ceiling gets raised.  Our debts are accelerating.  They are not leveling off.  And these bailouts will put that acceleration into hyper-drive.  Once the exit from treasuries begins, there will be no stopping it.   The elitists want to jump-start the system so they can run the markets up again to complete The Big Sting Two, but this is a futile effort because everything else is imploding.  Few can qualify for loans anymore, because the credit standards are being tightened and they are broke and overextended, and the ones who do qualify do not need it.  What will businesses do with loan money when they have no customers left to buy their products?  As the economy and the real estate markets continue to tank, the toxic waste will become ever less valuable, and now they want to plant that future misery in the taxpayer gardens.  These bailouts must be stopped at all costs, or we are going to get vaporized later.

The system must be purged, and the dollar rescued, although we believe it is probably too late for the latter.  But it is sure worth giving it a try, because having the world's reserve currency is very advantageous.

All this craziness reminds us of an old Genesis song, called "Land of Confusion."  We note that our generation unknowingly, or ignorantly, helped bring the Illuminati into power, and now the Baby Boomers, who have tasted of their venomous temptations, are going to have to take them out.  We know you can do it. You are our largest generation, and you have the most to lose, so you cannot, and must not, fail. All we can do now is teach you where things went wrong.  It will be up to you to set things right, if not for yourselves, then for your children and your grandchildren.