Bob Rinear, February 19 2020

Trump has mentioned in his books many times, if someone screws you, screw them back 10X harder. He’s been screwed over from day one by virtually every democrat and especially the Main Stream media. I have a feeling he wants revenge and he’s going to take out what he can, ahead of November.

Because of the Corona-virus outbreak, a lot of focus has been taken off the political situation with the Candidates running for President. That in a way, makes a lot of sense, considering that we’re still hearing nightmares out of China.

But every day we get closer to that November day where “someone” is going to be elected President. ( well, maybe elected isn’t the right word, maybe inserted works better)

Not long ago, I mentioned that “the next several months” could see some wild things happen, as the Democrats try any and everything they can muster, to get Trump either “out of office” or to beat him in November.

You all know the score. The Russian hoax, dead. The entire Mueller Report, dead. Their last “Hail Mary” was a mockery impeachment show, that was run illegally, with rules made up as they went. They knew they had nothing that would stick, but they had to do “something.” It failed badly, in fact so badly, it caused a lot of so called Democrats to migrate into the Trump camp. Even if they hated him before, they saw their own party do something so despicable, they left it.

There’s talk that they might open a new impeachment investigation and try to impeach him on something else. I really don’t think that’s what they’re going to do. They tried it once and it backfired on them in spectacular fashion. No, if they’re going to do something, it will be something new.

Or have they already?

Almost a year ago, I began to think that maybe what the Democrats were going to do, was to run a bunch of whacko’s, that couldn’t really be taken seriously, and then when all hope of winning an election against trump seemed insurmountable, whisk no less than Michell Obama into the slot, running her at the last minute as the “great hope.” It all made perfect sense to me, and in a way it still does. The left sure likes their Obama’s.

But there’s a problem. Trump and his sidekicks are digging up so much dirt on the Obama administration, from Biden’s kid, to the Loretta Lynch tarmac meeting, to the Ukraine corruption nightmare, etc, that Michell has probably become toxic. If any of these things are found to lead right up to Obama himself, as Rudy Giuliani has suggested, then of course Michelle is tainted.

The DNC knows that if any of the stuff Giuliani is saying he has is real, and if Barr and his legal beagles are truly looking into high level corruption of an epic scale such as Hannity has suggested, their original idea of having Michelle sweep in like some mythical icon, is probably over.

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Bob Rinear, February 15 2020

The debts are so large, the lack of “dollars” so big, that they have no choice but to do all this madness. But the fact is that the minute they don’t, the WORLD markets crash.


5 Important Lessons Absolutely No One Will Learn From Iowa

James Corbett, February 8 2020

Too bad the people who really need to hear this message stopped reading this article when they realized it wasn't really about the Iowa caucuses.


What if it were Bad?

Bob Rinear, January 29 2020

I feel the economic fallout is however going to be bigger than most expect for China especially. When you start shutting in 50 to 100 million folks, that disrupts a lot of supply chains.


Did Russia Just Undergo Regime Change?

James Corbett, January 25 2020

So, if we were to craft a headline for this article that avoided Betteridge's Law, what would it be? "Something Just Happened in Russia But No One Is Sure Precisely What." Hmmm.


Meng Wanzhou’s Politicized Extradition Hearing

Stephen Lendman, January 22 2020

If Meng is extradited to the US, she’ll face a 13-count indictment, charged with bank fraud, wire fraud, conspiracy to commit bank and wire fraud, and related charges.


When Is A Camera Not A Camera

James Corbett, January 18 2020

So The Riddle of the Camera has a very simple answer: A camera is not a camera when the EU says it isn't. And that answer says so much about the matrix in which we live.


Earnings Season

Bob Rinear, January 15 2020

Over the next two – three weeks we’re going to hear from thousands of companies. If you’re holding individual stocks, it is worth your while to look up their earnings releases and maybe selling out a day ahead of their reports.


The 2020s: A Peek at the Decade Ahead (Part 2)

James Corbett, January 11 2020

The 2020s could be a time of cooperation. A time of community building. A time of casting off hierarchies and the tyranny of authority. Or it could be the last gasp before the descent down the slope toward total tyranny.


A World of Lies

Bob Rinear, January 8 2020

...like the bogus employment reports, they twist the numbers and tart them up so much their own mother wouldn’t recognize them.



 The 2020s: A Peek Ahead (Part 1)

James Corbett, January 4 2020

...we'll have some rousing images of some flag or other being hoisted on Mars and be able to witness the collective head explosion of all the flat earthers, so there's something.


The 2010s: The Decade in Review

James Corbett, December 21 2019

...the decade ahead promises to be even more chaotic, violent, transformative and—if we do not participate in the building up of meaningful alternatives—destructive decade in living memory...


Who’s Afraid of Decentralized Currency?

James Corbett, December 14 2019

So, my friends we arrive at the fork in the path. Down one route we see the promise of radical decentralization of everything, even currency itself.


Problems Galore

Bob Rinear, December 11 2019

...don’t think badly of yourself if you find it harder and harder. The insanity is reaching levels unexpected.


NATO in Chaos After Birthday Bash Bust

James Corbett, December 7 2019

No, don't believe the headlines you've read in recent days. NATO will survive these little spats between political puppets  just fine. Humanity, on the other hand . . .


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