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Guest Writer, May 13 2023

I’ve been trying to climb out of crisis mode lately.

Soulful Bob Marley keeps replaying in my head: “Don’t worry ‘bout a ‘ting. Cause every little ‘ting gonna be alright…”

But as we get ready to head into another spring weekend, I’ve been finding it hard to find a meaningful and timely topic to write about that doesn’t entail some impending disaster, tragedy or danger.

There’s the Inflation Crisis…

Fed governor Michelle Bowman traveled all the way to Germany to tell a crowd attending an ECB symposium that the Fed will likely have to continue raising interest rates if price growth and the jobs market don’t further cool down.

She's clearly an outlier right now. Over 83% of Fed Funds Rate futures traders on the CME believe the Fed will (although not necessarily should) pause rate hikes at the Fed's next meeting in mid-June.

I think they should have paused a few months ago -- mainly to avoid the coming recession -- but that's another story for another time.

(FYI...inflation, as measured by the CPI – All Urban Index, increased 4.9% year-over-year in April. Core inflation, which excludes food and energy prices, rose 5.5% annually – despite a 12.6% fall in oil and other energy commodities.)

And the Debt Crisis…

The government is another day closer to X Day when it runs out of extraordinary measures to continuing paying its bills – and when global financial markets start to implode.

But with President Biden and House Speaker McCarthy delaying until next week their next “negotiating” pow wow that had been scheduled for today – while their staffs presumably get closer to a blueprint for compromise, I’m waiting to write about that, too.

So, the Banking Crisis…

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