The Danger

Bob Rinear, July 11 2018

I feel horrible that I’m saying this stuff in my own country. I think you should be able to wear or support just about anyone or anything (that’s legal) that you like.

A week or so ago I wrote an article about what amounts to an upcoming Civil war. Well frankly it’s already going on, it just hasn’t reached the shooting stage. But I got wildly differing opinions about what we see happening out there. It was interesting to say the least.

On one hand, I got responses that completely agreed with me. That the rise of the really fringe far left, had gotten completely out of control, and on the other hand were emails suggesting that I was blowing this out of proportion.

But it is hitting home now, and at the bottom of this letter, I’m going to show you why I’m revisiting this. Please read on:

Listen up folks. Most of you have lives to live, and jobs to go to, and life that keeps you busy. My job, is to watch markets, and ANYTHING that can at some point be a cause for me to go long or short a trade. Which means that I spend countless hours reading news, but not just news about this company or that oil discovery. No, I read news about virtually everything. And I don’t want to sound boastful, it’s not my intent. But I see more “on the ground” news that 95% of you.

I don’t spend the bulk of my time reading the vomit that’s regurgitated out of the main stream media. They don’t cover the things that I consider to be important. What’s important to me, boils down to a few basic things. Did something happen politically that can affect the market? Did something happen globally that can affect the market? Is anything happening “socially” that I should be aware of? Is there anything going on that’s going to affect me in my personal life?

Those are the things that get the bulk of my attention. So, when I see “Antifa” thugs creating protests in Seattle, throwing rocks and bottles and smoke grenades, and physically attacking other people, yeah, I want to know about it. Likewise, when I see the hysterical left, going moonbat crazy over things that shouldn’t even get a mention, I want to know about it. When I see over 100 people shot in Chicago over the July 4th weekend, I want to know of it.

About a week ago, a guy and his camera man from “campus reform” went around asking college students a “set up” question. Despite the fact that Trump had not yet picked a Supreme Court nominee, they went up to random College kids and asked this question “Now that Donald Trump has announced his Supreme Court pick, do you have any issues with his choice?”

Remember now, this was a WEEK before Trump announced his pick. One after the other proclaimed that his pick was “horrible”. The selected justice was “ho...

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The Global Economy is Between a Rock and a Hard Place

James Corbett, July 7 2018

A few years ago, even a few months ago, such a plan would have been unthinkable. Today, it is merely fanciful. And tomorrow . . . ?


From Trade War to Hot War in One Easy Step

James Corbett, June 30 2018

Indeed, all the conditions for the same Smoot-Hawley pattern of protectionist tariffs, global trade war, economic collapse and, eventually, all-out war, are now in place.


The Gold Slam

Bob Rinear, June 20 2018

Each day that goes by brings us one day closer to the “end game.” One would have to be genuinely silly to try and put a date on that event, but you all know it’s coming. The US dollar’s days as the world reserve is going to come to an end.


India and China Announce The "Oil Buyers Club"

James Corbett, June 16 2018 that we are living in an era where India and China are being positioned as "rivals" of the American hegemon, it certainly makes sense that we will see the key tenets of Pax Americana challenged.


This Guy Trump

Bob Rinear, June 13 2018

If you can’t say anything else, the last year and a half has been entertaining, hasn’t it! I can’t wait for the results of the investigations, not to mention the mid terms. This ought to be a lot of fun.


Your Guide to this Weekend’s Globalist Conference Circuit

James Corbett, June 9 2018's that time of year when confabulators are conferring and conclaves are conspiring. Keep your wits about you and stay tuned to for more information on all of these events when, if, and as they transpire.


How Many Rabbits?

Bob Rinear, June 6 2018

Logic says this had to end. History says it’s got to end. And yet they keep finding rabbits. I’ll be the first to admit, that I NEVER thought they could kick the cans down the road as far as they have. Yet, here we are.


How to Skirt Sanctions

James Corbett, June 2 2018 seems that there is an alternate inscription that could be written above the gates of the Iranian sanction regime. Not "Abandon all hope ye who enter here" but "Where there's a will, there's a way."


Buy Junk?

Bob Rinear, May 30 2018

I’m not against junk, it has its place. If you’re one that collects change in a jar or coffee can and then cashes them in ever 6 or 8 months, do yourself a favor and take 20 minutes and see if you’ve got any Pre 1970 and especially pre 1965 coins. If you do, you just hit a little jackpot.


Whoa! Solar

Bob Rinear, May 16 2018

I think that solar has been suppressed, because energy is power. THEY don’t want you to have any power, they want it for themselves. When someone has the power to flip a switch and shut off your electricity, or your water, you’re not very independent are you?


Iran Battles Uncle Sam for the Heart of the EU

James Corbett, May 12 2018

And so it boils down to this: The EU and its leading nations have some soul searching to do. Are they going to roll over and do what they're told, like Uncle Sam's dependable lapdog, or are they going to defy their erstwhile master and refuse to comply with a new round of Iranian sanctions?


Japan’s Stealth Army

James Corbett, May 5 2018

The Japanese government is too busy buying US missile defense systems and building their own cruise missiles to worry about whether or not they get their way on the constitutional debate.



Bob Rinear, May 2 2018

Rates are rising. We just hit 3% on the ten years. If rates bust through that and get out of hand, servicing the debt loads at the corporate level is going to get ugly. There’s more than a good reason to think that the stock market could truly roll over.


North Korean Leader’s Cross-Border Walk for Peace

Stephen Lendman, April 28 2018

Given Washington’s permanent war policy, its long history of breaching agreements reached, its hostility toward all sovereign independent countries, it takes a giant leap of faith to believe it’ll turn a page on North Korea for peace on the peninsula.


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