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The New Gods Of Finance Will Crush The Middle Class

will America ever  return to her greater glory. or wallow in madness and mayhem, lust for power and profit knows no bounds, breaking down the nation state, TARP funds will cover the super wealthy,  but we wont know where the money will really go, Fed continues to hoard their reserves while extorting taxpayer money under threats of orchestrated market crashes 

Bob Chapman | January 10, 2009

The world used to hang on our every word, until our leadership went mad with power, and started to use our hard-earned money to corrupt our country and engage in empire-building, making our own rules, dressed in our jewels, as we went along.  The world has fallen and longs for our leadership again, but will have none of it until we get back to being the old America.

The question now is, will we return to liberty and freedom, or stay joined to the jealous whore of evil and empire, of blood-lust and bondage and of megalomaniacal madness and mayhem, or will we lift up our hearts, make a new start and lead ourselves out of the hell where we are now headed courtesy of the Illuminati.  Unfortunately, the jury is still out on that question.

We are now on the same path taken by the Roman Empire as it declined into a perverse, deviant, indolent, corrupt and bloodthirsty caricature of its former glory, a glory that was eclipsed by our beloved America of yesteryear, that has now been in a breathtaking decline for many decades thanks to the utterly despicable actions taken by our corrupt politicians and captains of industry who care only about themselves.  We have a cabal of several thousand filthy-rich miscreants spoiling what could have been healthy, plentiful, productive and meaningful lives for billions of people around the globe.  But no, these Shylocks have to have it all.  Their lust for money and power is unquenchable, as these servants of Satan weave their web of fraud and deceit to entrap their fellow men in a plan to destroy, impoverish and enslave them.   Murder and blood-lust is a way of life for them, and has been for many centuries, as the parents of millions of fallen soldiers and the relatives of millions of victims of pogroms, and genocides like the Holocaust, can well attest.  Nothing gets in the way of these loathsome pieces of fecal detritus when it comes to accumulating power and profits.  Not war, not murder, not criminality of any kind or nature.

Instead of entertaining themselves with gladiators tearing each other to shreds, our leadership of reprobates and sociopaths, our shadow government of Puppet Masters who elect and command our politicians in what has become our two-party/one-agenda system of government, a system which makes a mockery out of what is supposed to be a republican form of government based on democratic principles, entertain themselves by deceitfully and malevolently bullying, bankrupting and beggaring other nations and even their own fellow citizens.  They are behind all wars and genocides, as their lust and longing for power, profits and population control know no bounds.

Every imaginable illicit enterprise is their oyster, and woe be to any who might try to muscle in on their territory.  Their henchmen are everywhere.  In our various levels of government, which have become devil's dens full of pernicious traitors as well as self-absorbed narcissists and perverts, especially at the federal level, in our unbelievably corrupt business corporations whose boards are packed with pathological liars and con-artists, in our courts, whose bought-and-paid-for judges act like federal and state legislative bodies in their assiduity to promote the evil agenda of their Illuminist handlers, in our fane-stream media, which are now run by perverts and their talking heads who wouldn't know the truth about anything if it bit them in the nose much less have the nerve to report about it, in our higher education and university systems which brainwash our children with Illuminist propaganda and disinformation, and in our tax exempt foundations which are little more than bristling hotbeds of seditious Orwellian idiots.

They take great pride in their evil, nefarious work of destroying the current world system of nation-states, so that in the ensuing chaos they can create a corporatist, fascist police state where they get to play "lords of the universe" while we, their serfs and slave laborers, live in abject poverty and bondage, catering to their every whim.  Or so they hope.  Fortunately for us, God is making other plans, and His plans are the only ones that will prevail in the end as the Illuminist scum receive their final comeuppance.

These Illuminist slime-balls and pond scum now own the system, and they do as they please.  This will continue until you stop them.  Will it take the exercise of our collective political will to stop them, or will it take bloodshed?  We believe it will be some combination of the two, but mostly the latter.  All systems are broken and corrupted.  There is no accountability to the people at any level anymore.  They already have plans to disarm you, and to have the Secret Service squirrel them away into rat-holes and safe-houses until the violence they know is coming blows over, or so they hope.  These plans are in writing and were delivered to Congress in a joint closed session held in the spring of 2008, the second such session in our nation's history, during which session they discussed and predicted the September breakdown in our financial system that has led to a stock market meltdown which rivals that of the Great Depression.
As glaring evidence of the lack of accountability, your so-called elected representatives totally ignored your almost unanimous demands that the banksters not be bailed out, and now half of the TARP funds have been spent and we can't even get an accounting of what was done with the proceeds.  The excuses given are always national security and trade secrets, which is the same tired mantra they hide behind whenever they trample on our Constitutional rights via illegal surveillance and wiretapping, or claim ignorance about the whereabouts of the two to three trillion that is missing from the defense budget, or cover up the false intelligence about weapons of mass destruction that were used as an excuse to oust Saddam Hussein, rob Iraq of its oil and initiate plans for a military takeover of the Middle East, with Iran next on the agenda.  Etc., etc., etc.

As this TARP fraud transpired, the Federal Reserve shelled out over $9 trillion in liquidity to their cronies, thus rapidly debasing our currency with total impunity, and the Fed may even be floating unauthorized Treasury bonds to absorb toxic waste and to fund bailouts.  The Fed's Board of Governors are now the gods of high finance, deciding which companies will survive and which will get vaporized.  (Hint:  Survivors are Illuminist owned or controlled companies).

The Fed's member banks continue to hoard their reserves to destroy the small businesses that compete with Illuminist transnational conglomerates, while they use taxpayer largesse, extorted via threats of martial law and PPT-orchestrated stock market crashes, to buy out the competition which has been weakened by the hoarding of loan money.  Dividends were paid to stockholders of insolvent companies, which have no business doling out nonexistent profits.  These miscreants even had the unmitigated gall to use bailout money to fund the payment of salaries and bonuses to executives who have intentionally burned their once-profitable companies to the ground to pave the way for the consolidation, amalgamation and nationalization of the finance, insurance and auto industries that will form the core of the planned corporatist, fascist police state that now exists in fact, if not yet in name.  The corruption is ongoing, pervasive and arrogant, and is nothing less than disgusting.  This state of affairs is going to get much worse unless you stop them -- one way, or the other.  

You will certainly not get a new start from Fascist Commie Comrade Obama and the new CCCP (Clintonite Cabinet of Con-artists and Parasites) that is composed of the same slugs who set up the economic scenario that has ruined our country -- intentionally -- to pave the way for a one world police state.  When Caligula leaves the White House, he will be replaced by Nero who will play his Keynesian FDR fiddle while Rome burns to the ground and we are hyperinflated into oblivion.  No, he won't tax the poor.  Then what, we ask, is inflation if not a stealth tax?  He has told us we must spend, spend, spend immediately to avoid any further meltdown of the system.  We have news for you Obama:  the system has already burned down.  Throwing money down these rat-holes will ignite inflation, which is the worst kind of tax on the poor.  The rich will get their loopholes while the poor shell out twenty-dollar bills for a loaf of bread.  Has this man read any history, or is he just another ignorant baboon like the one leaving the White House?  The use of multi-billion dollar bailouts to address multi-trillion dollar problems is like trying to bail out the Titanic with a shot glass.  What else do you call over a million jobs lost over two months and the worst unemployment rates in six decades? Some of these idiots have yet to even acknowledge that we are in recession!  That must be because, hey, our economy is strong and resilient (Caligula), and the housing crisis and credit-crunch will moderate over time (Buck-Busting Ben), as we continue to support a strong dollar policy (Hanky-Panky) while the Fed cuts to zero interest and spikes the money supply with $9 trillion dollars.  Who can possibly believe a single word that issues forth from the mouths of these pathological liars and ignorant baboons who are, God help us, in charge of our political, foreign and economic affairs?  And people wonder why we have a crisis of confidence?

If all the current debacles that are taking place -- in yo' face -- are not enough to convince you to buy gold, silver and their related shares, then may we be the first to welcome you to the Royal Order of Ignorant Baboons, with Caligula presiding as Grand Pooh-Bah and Baboon-in-Chief.