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Freeze Dry Guy Special Offer

Special offer for readers of The International Forecaster from the Freeze Dried Guy. See this link for our Latest flyer....

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Canadian Tyranny

Canadian Tyranny - a Canadian news website with a different perspective.

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The Global Freedom Report

Brent Johnson is host of the long running #1 hit freedom talk show The Voice of Freedom.
Brent is also the author of The American Sovereign: How to Live Free from Government Regulation, the spiritual book, The Quiet Voice of God, and his newest book, The Pursuit of Happiness: Freedom and the Human Spirit.
He has a superb web site at, where you can listen to The Voice of Freedom podcasts and webcasts.
For more than fourteen years, Brent has enjoyed great success teaching those who want to know how to protect their rights, practical, genuinely workable methods on how to really live free from the endless encroachment of Big Brother into our daily lives. Brent is truly a modern day freedom fighter.

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Stuff n Stash

Stuff n Stash stores all your valuable goods discretely.

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This is a website for consumers to make comments about various financial issues. It has been quite helpful to me in understanding the mortgage modification issue and what they are up to. I am tracking Bank of America complaints, problems in various departments, this is focused on their mortgage modification department. Many are entering trial mods and then getting foreclosure notices, all kinds of things are going on with the banks, and now the courts.

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Steve Keen's Debt Watch

Interesting and enlightening blog on the economics.

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Federal Reserve to start the deflation fight next week, expert claims The Federal Reserve is set to kick-start a new phase of monetary easing, a leading Wall Street economist claims.

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See the full Video (2.5 hours) Washington ( -- Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke warned Congress Wednesday that the economic outlook remains "unusually uncertain," but stopped short of revealing what the Fed might do to sustain the shaky U.S. recovery.

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Mineweb:- The real value of gold - $52,831 an ounce?

In terms of US dollar circulation and US gold holdings, to make the dollar convertible into gold would mean a gold price in excess of $50,000 an ounce. Author: Lawrence Williams Posted: Thursday , 22 Jul 2010

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