The Dollar Meltdown

The Dollar Meltdown As a reader of The International Forecaster you already know the U.S. Dollar is in trouble. In fact irresponsible politicians, dependence on foreign creditors, metastasizing debt, and the Federal Reserve’s monetary malpractice guarantee a dollar calamity! I want you to read THE DOLLAR MELTDOWN, a brand new book by my friend Charles Goyette.

November 24 2010

The Dollar Meltdown: Surviving the Impending Currency Crisis with Gold, Oil, and Other Unconventional Investments

A currency crisis is not a pleasant event

Do you know how to protect yourself and your family?

I want you to read THE DOLLAR MELTDOWN , a brand new book by my friend Charles Goyette.  The Dollar Meltdown is a book about the financial future and what you can do about it. And you can do something! You don’t have to be a financial professional, expose yourself to risky leverage, or worry about every tick of the markets… Once you understand the nature of the crisis you will discover that there are common-sense steps you can take now to protect yourself and your family and even to profit from the dollar meltdown!

Drawing on historical examples and a clear, down-to-earth analysis, Goyette describes the impending currency crisis and the importance of gold, oil, agricultural products, natural resources, and other investment havens and opportunities you will need when inflation takes off.

Four things you’ll learn from The Dollar Meltdown:


You’ll get the whole story on America’s debt, both visible and hidden. You’ll learn how bailout bills and stimulus spending have dug us in an even deeper hole and what it means for the future.


You’ll learn to see old familiar patterns in some of the newest economic developments. This will help you judge the future by the past. The Dollar Meltdown lays out the real fundamentals about money and shows you exactly how the monetary system in the United States today has been corrupted so that you can avoid being victimized by it.


You’ll discover how the dollar meltdown happens, the most likely scenarios, and the role of foreign creditors like China. You’ll be prepared as the authorities react to economic problems of their own making, lurching from one “solution” to the next, deepening the crisis with their every move.  The dollar meltdown will change America and you’ll want to be ready for it when it comes.


There is opportunity in every crisis and there are ways protect yourself and your family and to profit in the turbulent times ahead.

You see why the old rules don’t work anymore and you’ll get easy-to-understand investment advice for the new rules, specific investment recommendations that you can put to use right away to protect yourself and your family from the dollar meltdown.
Congressman Ron Paul says “The Dollar Meltdown is a must read!”  I agree.  Learn how to protect yourself and your family!  Read it yourself and by all means pass it along or buy another copy for friends and family members who need to learn what you know from The International Forecaster!

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