Breaking the Demopublican Monopoly

Breaking the Demopublican MonopolyBreaking the Demopublican Monopoly: How to Unify the Political Right with a Third Party that Can Win. By Nelson Hultberg (with a special Appendix by Antal E. Fekete)

August 19 2010, By Nelson Hultberg

 Breaking the Demopublican Monopoly --2004 publication.

We are taught in school that the strength of the American political system lies in the fact that we have a "two-party process." This is akin to teaching that babies come from storks. The reality is that America is now a one-party state. The Democratic and Republican parties have become nothing but two divisions of the same party -- the Central Leviathan Party.

The Demopublicans now tax over 50% of our earnings every year. They steal hundreds of billions from our savings through currency debasement. They have brought us a national debt of over $7 trillion. They have saddled us with $45 trillion in unfunded liabilities to come due on the backs of our children. They have bankrupted us as a nation.

It is a fallacy to say that third parties in America cannot work. All third parties like the Libertarians and Reformers that have sprung up in the past century have been built upon two strategic flaws that doom them to failure. Correct these two fundamental errors, and a genuine challenge to the Demopublicans can be launched.

In this book, Nelson Hultberg shows how to avoid these two errors and attract millions of voters to the cause of freedom and Constitutional government. He outlines a daring, innovative political strategy that will stop the growth of the federal Leviathan cold and rebuild our nation upon gold money and fair taxation.

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